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Looking forward to 2019 – Plans and Schemes


Thanks to all the racers, supporters, sponsors, marshals, registration team and the venues for making the 2018 series. We work hard to ensure the Sheffield Urban Cx experience is as exciting for riders and spectators as possible.



We have always run our events with a passion for cycle sport and also Sheffield City concept, ‘The Outdoor City’. We are currently meeting people and setting up some exciting events for 2019. There will be some changes that will mean the Sheffield Urban CX events budget will hopefully finish in the black, and also help generate some fantastic sponsorship opportunities. We have had to let Kelham Island go for 2019, this is due to the £3.5K hire fee being difficult to recoup. Park Hill Flats will not be featuring in 2019 either, however this is down to the undeveloped part of the site being redeveloped. We are hoping to be back at this great venue in 2020. So with two main venues out of contention where will we be visiting in 2019 to put on some exciting cycling events?


We have taken the opportunity to team up with some other folks who are passionate about Sheffield and The Outdoor City concept to deliver events in 2019 that are still innovative and will showcase the urban areas of Sheffield.


So expect to see City Centre Car Park Hill Climb (July), Sheffield’s first Urban Triathlon (September). We are still in planning stages for additional events too, and expect to see Brompton categories in some of our events.


So keep up to speed with developments over on the Sheffield Urban CX Facebook feed or twitter feed

Thanks again for your support in 2018


Sheffield Urban CX embraces Sheffield’s proud industrial heritage and a love of cycle sport and cycling. We use iconic Sheffield buildings and landmarks that have played a pivotal role in the ‘Steel City’s’ development. We are proud of Sheffield’s new found status as ‘The Outdoor City’ and this series of exciting and dynamic events bring together and celebrate our region’s passion for cycling and its proud industrial heritage, Reinforcing the ‘Outdoor City’ Status.