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Here at Sheffield Urban CX we love cycling, Sheffield is home to some of the best riding in the UK. The Outdoor City certainly lives up to its name. We are also proud of Sheffield’s Industrial past and the unique cityscape both have combined to create a fantastic place where you can be in the urban sprawl then 15 minutes later in a greenspace, park or the majestic Peak District.

Urban CX is a race format that ‘re-imagines’ spaces in the city and turns them into an arena for riders to test their skills on courses that will incorporate different features to make it a race to remember. Fast paced racing needs some great spectator participation, so bring your cow bells and best cheers along.

The races will be run in sprint rounds where up to 12 riders will battle for a top 6 placing to get through to the final round for victory. We are excited about the race and we know there will be loads of younger riders out there who are keen to get their ‘race face’ on. So as part of the race programme we will have a balance bike and junior race category. We want KICX to inspire the next generation of cyclists, who knows we might be watching a future champion?

Event #1: KICX, May 6th 2017, save the date

Entries will be opened early in 2017 so keep an eye out and save the date

19 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Hi Andy, yes we are currently looking at including mtbs, we would recommend a hardtail. The guys from Cotic used one of their ‘Roadrat’ urban commuter bikes and an ‘Escapade’ adventure bike for the test photo shoots. one of these was set up as a flat bar commuter bike and managed to tackle the course really well. we are compiling a feature on bike set up to ensure you get the best out of your bike on the course. /Adam

  1. Hiya, this looks like a great idea!

    Will there be a limit on entry numbers? I have a group of about 15 who are keen to race.

    And do you have any idea of start time as we are travelling from afar.


    1. Hi Ross, sent you an email, but in summary
      race will start @11am-12noon – moto format – 4-5 laps – 20-30mins per round – 10-12 riders per round – top half go through to final catagory round

  2. Hi, what’s the difference between the Amateur and Sport categories ? Can anyone enter the Amateur category ? The over 40 Vets is full but could someone over 40 still enter the Amateur category, which looks to have availability ?

    1. Hi Steve. The course is the same but we are trying to catagorise ability level, you would be ok entering the amateur category. We have one place left. But be quick, it will probably go today. /Adam

      1. Gutted I have missed that last place ! Now on the waiting list. Sounds like its going to be a Super day.

        1. We are looking forward to it, its going to be an exciting day as the action unfurls. /Adam

  3. I was looking to enter the women’s race, but only have a mtb (full sus but can lock out to an extent). Will this be suitable or will I be too slow to keep up etc?

    1. Hi Becky
      If its a short travel MTB then you should be ok, course is suited to a Hard tail but you should be ok, amateur women’s category is your best bet. We would really love to get more women riders on the start line so if you know any other female riders spread the word. /Adam

      1. It’s long travel unfortunately (150) I presume that even locked out that would be too big?
        I’ll share your event with friends. wish I’d kept my hardtail now!

        1. Becky, I dont think youd get the best out of the course on a 150 travel full suss, Thanks for sharing the event, Our next race is in September at Parkhill flats, should be exciting.

  4. Hi there,

    I have a hybrid with slicks – probably not ideal but would I be ok to enter with this set up?



    1. Hi Paul, you should be ok with that, what level of riding do you do? unfortunaltely we have sold out all the mens entries for this one, we have our next round in September at parkhill Flats / Adam

  5. Hi we’d love to come along to film a piece for Sheffield Live TV on Saturday and grab some interviews before the race starts. Would that be possible?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Simon, that would be great. The racing starts at 10.30am and runs till @6pm. I will be around all day, however if you want to give me a bell tomorrow on 07828163159 we could discuss timings etc so i know when to expect you. the race schedule is on the blog on the website. We have a womens race starting around 1pm, it would be good to get some coverage of this, there is a mens race before too so maybe in between the two would give you some good interview material. Let me know your thoughts , Adam

  6. Hi, I have a road bike with slicks that I’d like to ride on, rather than my hardtail, would that be alright?
    It isn’t a CX bike technically but it manages cobbles/trails etc pretty alright.

  7. Hi,
    I’m a primary school teacher in Firth Park wondering if any of your ramps/tracks are available to hire. I currently offer a regular bike club but am looking into developing our site.

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