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Here at Sheffield Urban CX we love cycling, Sheffield is home to some of the best riding in the UK. The Outdoor City certainly lives up to its name. We are also proud of Sheffield’s Industrial past and the unique cityscape both have combined to create a fantastic place where you can be in the urban sprawl then 15 minutes later in a greenspace, park or the majestic Peak District.

Urban CX is a race format that ‘re-imagines’ spaces in the city and turns them into an arena for riders to test their skills on courses that will incorporate different features to make it a race to remember. Fast paced racing needs some great spectator participation, so bring your cow bells and best cheers along.

The races will be run in sprint rounds where up to 12 riders will battle for a top 6 placing to get through to the final round for victory. We are excited about the race and we know there will be loads of younger riders out there who are keen to get their ‘race face’ on. So as part of the race programme we will have a balance bike and junior race category. We want KICX to inspire the next generation of cyclists, who knows we might be watching a future champion?

Event #1: KICX, May 6th 2017, save the date

Entries will be opened early in 2017 so keep an eye out and save the date

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Looking at entering the KICX next month.
    What is the veteran criteria?
    Or is that non amateur cyclists?
    I’m definitely an amateur aged 43?
    Which category do I enter?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The veterans is over 40s but is also a hard fought category. If its your first race you are probably best entering the amateur category. Good level of fitness and bike handling definitely an advantage. Hope this helps / Adam

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