One of our aims here at Sheffield Urban CX is to provide some great grass roots racing opportunities for riders. We see the series as been accessible and aspirational to a wide range of riders (and bikes!). After the 2017 races this came through and we are looking forward to the 2018 series. So it was fantastic to be contacted by Anna Lowe, who, with husband Ben Lowe from VeloViewer has raced both races in the 2017 series. Anna’s background is in physiotherapy, she is also a keen advocate of physical activity and is a qualified fitness instructor and is keen to encourage more children to get into cycling, especially girls and women.


Anna Lowe tackles the cobbles of Kelham Island, location for round #1 of the 2017 Sheffield Urban CX series. We will be back at this location for the 2018 series opener.


Anna and Ben will be providing the prize pot for the junior races This year. Anna explains what made her decide to sponsor the children’s races.


“As a family we have loved the Urban Cross races, Kelham Island was a crazy blur of corners and cobbles, Park Hill was surreal and seriously anaerobic at times. I love the quirkiness of the venues, the intensity of the races and the family atmosphere at each event. Our 7 year old did the kids race at Park Hill; I was far more nervous watching him than I was before the ladies race. Cycling is a big part of family life for us, my husband Ben runs VeloViewer and we all get out on the bikes as often as we can. Cycling keeps me fit and more importantly keeps me sane, I am passionate about encouraging more children to get into cycling and have noticed that this often seems to be easier for boys than girls. Cycling events are often dominated by men and I know how intimidating this can be, redressing the balance by finding ways to encourage more young girls into the sport is really important. This is one of the reasons that we want to support the Urban Cross events, they provide a brilliant opportunity for boys and girls to try out cycling in a competitive environment that is supportive, safe and fun. VeloViewer is delighted to be supporting all the kids races at the Kelham race on May5th, by providing goodie bags for the top boys and girls, I hope this will give girls an added incentive to sign up!”


We are really pleased that Anna and Ben can see where the series is coming from and the opportunities its providing. We are massively grateful to them for supporting the children’s races and supporting the 2018 Sheffield Urban CX series by racing. If you are a local business that wants to support the series we are always willing to discuss ways to get involved, if you are interested then please get in touch.


Keeping it in the family! Jacob Lowe takes on the Timberfly Rollers at the 2017 Round#2 of the Sheffield Urban CX series at park Hill Flats


Staying focused, Ben Lowe takes on the steps at the 2017 round#2, Park Hill flats

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