We are pleased to welcome Love to Ride South Yorkshire as one of our 2018 series sponsors. Love to Ride contacted us last year and we trialed some joint promotion to introduce their brilliant local programme to encourage more people to get cycling, whether it’s racing, commuting or leisure.  


Cycle commuters at the top of Jenkin Road


Sheffield Urban CX are encouraging racers and spectators to sign up (free) to Love to Ride South Yorkshire: lovetoride.net/southyorkshire. It only takes a minute and helps build a groundswell for cycling in Sheffield and South Yorkshire that’ll encourage businesses and local authorities to do more for local cyclists.


The first event of 2018 is Ride to Work Week, which runs from 12-18 March. Participants can win a European city break or a £100 voucher for riding all or part of the way to or from work. All rides before the end of the month earn an entry into the draw for a £250 Proviz bundle and the annual grand prize, a trip to Italy or San Francisco.


If you are racing then you can log your training, racing and commuting miles. There will be a special prize draw for the Sheffield Urban CX racer with the most overall miles presented at the end of the series.


Love to Ride run initiatives around the world to get more people on bikes for transport and leisure. Love to Ride South Yorkshire began in 2017 and saw more than 2,000 people (and over 170 businesses) ride to the moon and back – over 700,000 miles!


This year they’re working all year to encourage even more people to sign up and get cycling. A key point here for Love to Ride South Yorkshire is that we want to catch up with local rivals: York, West Yorkshire and Lancashire all have well-established Love to Ride programmes, so please tell your South Yorkshire friends – we don’t want to come second place to Leeds! (only kidding)


The thing we love about the initiative is that if newer riders are part of a workplace team, then even cycling a few miles can contribute to their organisation’s overall score. So please sign your workplace up too!


Jack Windle, Senior Projects Manager at Love to Ride, explained why their approach has been so successful: “We have something for everyone. Sporty cyclists can link Strava and automatically upload their rides, occasional riders are incentivised and empowered to try riding for transport and new riders are given the information and advice they need to access confidence-boosting services and try riding socially with friends and colleagues. Employers love what we do because it’s a free team-building exercise that’s a bit of fun in the workplace, but it also fosters a cycling community and helps unlock the benefits of a healthier, more active workforce.”


We have designed Sheffield Urban CX to be a ‘grassroots’ and inclusive series, so we welcome riders new to racing as well as experienced riders. Love to Ride South Yorkshire shares our aims of getting more people on bikes and fostering a strong cycling community, so we’re delighted to be teaming up with them this year. Look out for their events coming up in 2018:

Ride to Work Week (12-18 March)

Bike Week (9-17 June)

Cycle to Work Day – in association with Cyclescheme (Wednesday 15 August )

Cycle September (Throughout September)

Winter Wheelers (1-25 December)

And make sure you register today! lovetoride.net/southyorkshire

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